San Francisco’s Big Quake-before and after

October 29, 2010

Last weekend I went to visit my parents in Santa Rosa and on Saturday night we attended an event at the Elk’s Lodge in Rohnert Park, maybe (it was dark and I wasn’t driving.  Or paying attention, I guess).

Anyway, we sat with some of their friends and all night people came up to Dwayne Miles,  one of the gentlemen at our table and congratulated him on his “30 seconds of fame”.  It seems Dwayne’s ancestors supervised the making of a film in San Francisco in 1906, just days before “one of the most significant earthquakes of all time”   and Dwayne and his nephew, Scott Miles, had recently been on 60 Minutes to talk about it.

The tremblor leveled most of San Francisco and fires burning uncontrollably in the aftermath destroyed almost everything else.  The Miles brothers’ office was among the casualties but the Miles brothers had put their film on a train to New York the night before the quake, saving it from almost certain destruction.

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