Single story Jacoby Storehouse on the Plaza

Arcata Plaza, prior to 1896


So the photo info states that this is prior to 1896 (maybe that is when the Union Hotel burned down or when the added floors to the Jacoby Storehouse ?) and according to Kevin’s book,  the Plaza wasn’t wired for electricity until April of 1895.

Plus notice the stars and stripes on the horses… Oh, and flags.  Lots of flags.

That leads me to believe this might be July 4, 1895…  Other thoughts?

6 Responses to Single story Jacoby Storehouse on the Plaza

  1. AJ says:

    Is that a partially obscured awesome windmill at middle-right? It’s pointing the wrong way for the wind direction, and as a decoration it doesn’t seem to be positioned to face the street.

  2. random guy says:

    HOLY HATS!!! I see only one person without a hat in that whole picture.

  3. nan says:

    Or admission day? It was a big weekend event in Arcata.
    Of course judging by all the women in white, I would guess it is in the middle of summer. And 4th of July would have been a big to do as well. I read a story telling of a nephew of Augustus Jacoby blowing his own head off with a cannon on the 4th of July. Bet that was a gory sight!

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